FutureHotel International Hotel Guest Survey

a survey of innovative solutions conducted with hotel guests from selected international markets ; study as part of the FutureHotel research project

As a guest, what do you expect from a hotel of the future? The aim of this »FutureHotel International Hotel Guest Survey« was to find out what guests expect from the hotels of tomorrow, what range of services will be expected in the future.
The Survey is based on a quantitative questioning of 4.377 hotel guests from selected international markets. Travellers from Austria, China, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, UK, USA were conducted on innovative solutions for a hotel of the future. The study reveals country-specific differences as well as different expectations and needs among business and leisure travellers. Facts an figures present the results on the the following themes:
- Context of journey and hotel selection
- Individual choice of hotel room
- Flexible use of hotel rooms in terms of time
- Checking in, checking out and access to the room
- Sustainability
- Individualisation and digitalisation
- New working practices
Technological progress and people's growing mobility is changing the travel industry fundamentally. Travellers already expect additional services that make their travel planning and their stay easier and more flexible to arrange.
The study identifies which innovations travellers want when it comes to booking their hotel stays, what guests in hotels value particularly highly or criticise and what kind of service will be expected in the future. On this basis, the current need for change and the requirements of the future can be deduced.
The results of the academic study are a contribution to the development of innovative solutions. In this way, what hoteliers, product manufacturers and service providers in the hotel sector have to offer can be adapted in future to the wishes of specific types of guests and target groups, and hotels can be optimised to suit those guest.

Fraunhofer IAO
Vanessa Borkmann
Stefan Rief
Benjamin Iber
Carina Müller
Fraunhofer Verlag
81 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-8396-0802-9

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